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Baldock Town Bowls Club
Baldock Town Bowls Club
West Avenue, off Norton Road, Baldock, Hertfordshire SG7 5AY
Affiliated to Bowls England, Hertfordshire Bowls, L&D.B.A., N.H.W B.A., E.B.D.B.L.
West Avenue, off Norton Road, Baldock Hertfordshire SG7 5AY
Affiliated to Bowls England, Hertfordshire Bowls, L&D.B.A., N.H.W B.A., E.B.D.B.L.
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Club Rules

Club Information
The Constitution of the Club defines the legal requirements of the Club. These rules define the day-to-day operation of the Club and associated activities. Changes to these rules can only be made at an Annual or Extraordinary Meeting of the Club.
These Rules adopt and enforce the Laws of the Sport as laid down by the World Bowls Board and the Rules of Bowls England. Members shall be deemed to be conversant with these Rules and to hold themselves subject to disciplinary measures for breaches thereof.
Where there is any apparent discrepancy between these Rules and the Rules of Bowls England or the Constitution of the Club the latter will take precedence.
3.1  The green will normally be open from 2pm on weekdays and 10am at weekends. For play outside these times approval must be sought from the Greenranger.
3.2  In accordance with Bowls England Rules there will be no smoking, including electronic devices, on the green.
A file will be available for provisional and definite bookings to be made. Provisional bookings must be made in pencil and definite bookings in ink stating name, competition and start time. Provisional bookings can only be held for three days.
The booking file will contain the rules defining precedence on bookings e.g. national matches have precedence over county matches etc.
Regulation dress on the green for all club matches will be a club shirt with white or grey below the waist as specified on the match sheet. Dress in the pavilion after matches may be either a club shirt or white shirt with grey below the waist. Blazers are optional.
Dress for roll-ups will be white above the waist and grey below.
For non-members wishing to try the sport, dress is optional provided flat shoes are worn.

Club shirts may be worn for National, County and Association matches and competitions as long as all team members are similarly dressed.
The Captain and Vice Captain of each section will select the teams for friendly matches. Single sex matches will be selected by the relevant sections; mixed matches by a combination of the two. Team Managers will be appointed to select and manage the teams in all County and National competitions.
Team Managers may request assistance from other club members in these selections.
The Club will run such competitions as the members require. These will be managed by a Competition Secretary appointed by the General Committee and the decision of this Secretary on dates, elimination, etc are final. Competition Rules will be posted on the notice board at the start of each season.
All trophies are the property of the Club and are insured by the Club. Previous winners must return trophies before the end of the following season.
Travelling expenses will be reimbursed at the rate agreed at the Spring Meeting to those who travel to an away match with a full car of players. Requests for reimbursement must be made on the appropriate form and handed to the Treasurer.
Changes to these rules may only be made at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting. Details of the proposed change must be made in writing with the names of the proposer and seconder to the Men’s or Ladies Secretary giving at least 21 days notice to allow circulation to members.
Issue 4  February 2018
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